Das nenne ich mal nett, 3.500.000 $. In einem Paket. Und die kennen mich so gut, dass klar ist, dass das Geld legal erworben wurde.
Die Quote ist allerdings unglaubwürdig. Ihr solltet das eher mit 250.000 $ und 250 $ Gebühr machen. 0,1 % Gebühren, das klingt doch realistischer. :mrgreen: 

PO BOX 555,

This is to notify you that we have intercepted a parcel from DHL COURIER SERVICE making delivery to you and have stopped the delivery process for some security reasons stated below:

1. Our scanning system has detected that your parcel contains a confirmable atm card to the tune of USD$3,500,000.00 USD.

2. Such an atm card must be verified by the POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE DEPT which we have directed our inspection team to proceed with the verification to ascertain the authenticity of the atm card.

In aim to verify the parcel/atm card, having contacted the issuing institution who made it known to our office that the ATM CARD is a genuine one and not illegally acquired. We have also forwarded the serial number of the atm card to the United States, Treasury Department and they confirmed that the Atm Card is authentic and ready to be cashed at any atm machine.

Now for the delivery of the parcel. You are in obligation to obtain a duly sworn affidavit from the high court which will back up the release of the atm card to you.

This is in line with the Anti-Terrorist Campaign, which the USA Government has embarked on recently to protect our territory from future attacks. You should therefore contact the sender of the atm card or the courier agent to get the sworn affidavit for you while we wait to receive from you the affidavit file number to enable us to forward your atm card to your address.

Below is his contact information. Note that the cost of the affidavit is $250.00.

Name: John West
Tel: +1 425-332-5291

Your urgent action on this notice will be appreciated.


John West

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