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After a long time I could finally publish my book 73 & .
O.K. it is rather something for Trekkies and Sheldon fans. But who likes …….

Here as a free PDF/Here as a free PDF.

I found some “similarities” between the number 73, ,Spock, Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek ?

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I received the message from Amazon that 73 and was released at 07:37 :mrgreen: .


Nach langer Zeit konnte ich nun endlich mein Buch 73 &  veröffentlichen.
O.K. es ist eher etwas für Trekkies und Sheldon Fans. Aber wer  mag…….

Hier als kostenloses PDF/Here as a free PDF.

Ich habe da ein paar “Gemeinsamkeiten” zwischen der Zahl 73, ,Spock, Leonard Nimoy und Star Trek gefunden ?

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Die Nachricht von Amazon, dass 73 und veröffentlicht wurde, erhielt ich um 07:37 Uhr :mrgreen: .



When I was an 8 or 9-year-old boy, my sister and I used to watch Star Trek (known in Germany as Raumschiff Enterprise) a great deal. At the beginning, we always wondered which part of outer space the Enterprise came from. Our favorite episode was the 15th in the second season, titled The Trouble with Tribbles („Kennen Sie Tribbles?“). The tribbles were cute. Once, when there was a carnival at the time I was in the third or fourth grade of primary school, I was dressed up as Mr. Spock. My mother made his ears from cardboard and stapled a kind of loop on the reverse of each so that I could wear them over my own. Surprisingly my schoolmates thought that they were stapled directly to my own ears and asked me if they hurt. That was fun. Unfortunately, De Forrest Kelly died in 1999.[1] I really wanted to hear Bones (Pille in German) say, He´s dead, Jim.”

A few years later I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory. It was episode 10 (The Alien Parasite Hypothesis) from season 4. Sheldon Cooper explains why the number 73 is the best ever. This was fascinating for me because I like those mind experiments (recalls Illuminatus![2]).
I will now show you what I found.

3 is the 21st prime number.
73 is an emirp, meaning that the reverse of 73, that is, 37, is also a prime number.
73 is also the 21st prime number while 37 is the 12th prime number.
7×3 = 21
The number 21 has prime factors 7 and 3.
The number 21 in binary is 10101.
7 in binary is 111.
3 in binary is 11.
and 73 in binary is 1001001. These are palindromes.


The number of digits of 1001001 is 7 and the sum is 3.
73 multiplied by 1001001 is 73073073.

The numeric string 73073073 appears at the 181,995,846th decimal digit of Pi.
With 2 additional sets of the numbers 73.
But what about the Vulcan salute? It separates the fingers of both hands asymmetrically, giving us 7 fingers plus 3 fingers, “7”+“3” == “73”

A Stitch in Crime (Columbo S02E6, Leonard Nimoy played Dr. Barry Mayfield) was first broadcast in Germany on February 27, 1975. Exactly 40 years later (February 27, 2015) Leonard Nimoy died.

Are Leonard Nimoy, Spock, Star Trek and Pi connected through the number 73?
Perhaps Stephen William Hawking should have a look at this data; it could help him to find “The Theory of Everything”.


On 28.04.2018 I was at the Destination Star Trek in Dortmund. There I could give Terry Farrell my 73 & book for her husband Adam Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy’s son). I should even write a dedication for Adam in it. That was quite an experience.

Am 28.04.2018 war ich auf der Destination Star Trek in Dortmund. Dort konnte ich Terry Farrell mein 73 & Buch für ihren Mann Adam Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy´s Sohn) mit geben. Ich sollte sogar eine Widmung für Adam rein schreiben. Das war schon ein Erlebnis.

Here as a free PDF/Here as a free PDF.  [PW:Artin]

Hier als kostenloses PDF/Here as a free PDF.  [PW:Artin]




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